Melissa Daniels Recognized for Dedication to the Field of Health and Fitness

Melissa Daniels serves clients as a personal trainer and wellness coach

LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK — Driven by a passion for health and fitness, Melissa Daniels has earned distinction as a private in-home personal trainer and wellness coach. Leveraging a background in physical therapy and corrective exercise in a health care setting, as well as experience gleaned from professional roles at Effective Fitness Training and Long Island Fitness and Wellness, she offers a wealth of services in strength training, cardiovascular exercise, weight loss, post-physical therapy rehabilitation, pre- and post-natal workout routines, nutritional guidance and virtual training sessions.

Ms. Daniels initially became interested in fitness while playing soccer during her youth. After sustaining minor injuries, she drew motivation from her own healing process, which involved therapeutic exercise and strength training. Going on to work in the corporate sector for nearly a decade, she strove to make gym visits a routine part of her schedule and cultivated an immense passion for the health and aesthetic benefits it bestowed on her life. Driven to pursue her dream of a new career, Ms. Daniels left her corporate job and subsequently became certified in a variety of fitness disciplines via such organizations as the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the Aerobic Fitness Association of America. Among these, she is well-versed in high-intensity interval training, fusion workouts, and balancing the body, to name only a few.

Throughout the course of her career, Ms. Daniels is most gratified to have led so many of her clients to succeed in their fitness journeys. Their physical and mental transformations have provided an endless source of inspiration. Having observed a profound change in attitudes to exercise and wellness since the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly the need for personalized attention, Ms. Daniels aspires to seize future opportunities in the fitness field and serve clients more individually. Looking toward the future, she aims to make her service the most optimal and effective experience in the industry.

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