"After going to the gym on my own for two to three days per week for about a year, I just wasn’t seeing results. I spoke to the gym manager to ask about personal training, and although they didn’t offer services at their facility, he was glad to recommend someone to me: Melissa Daniels. Melissa came to my house and met with me for a half-hour — I liked her immediately and was glad to give her the opportunity to train me. She’s so accommodating that depending on my schedule, she is willing to meet me at home or the gym in my office. I’ve been working with Melissa for four years now, and my body has fully transformed. Melissa is a seasoned professional and makes great effort to guarantee safety — I’ve never hurt myself while training with her. I truly look forward to my workouts now because Melissa is so pleasant to be around. She makes our sessions fun and challenging and changes our routine to ensure that I remain engaged. I don’t typically offer testimonials, but I highly recommend Melissa for personal training. "
Syosset, NY
"I have been working with Melissa for many years and I have to say: What a Fitness Genius! She is not only knowledgeable and precise about fitness but brings nutrition recommendations which really helps. She has trained me through not only surgeries but also cancer and I cannot express how grateful I am. I have had an amazing motivator through my hardest of times and have made a lifelong friend. I highly recommend training with Melissa. She will always get you to achieve your fitness goals no matter what level and age you are at."
Kimberly P
Huntington, NY
"Melissa cares deeply about her clients. She is the best trainer I have ever worked with. She gets to the heart of her clients needs and goals and adapts her training approach to maximize our time and outcomes. I’ve worked with Melissa to build strength and to also help me achieve some other aggressive fitness goals. I’ve also worked with her while struggling with knee issues and trained pre and post knee replacement surgery, which contributed to great results. She brings a broad range of tools needed for your specific needs and makes the sessions appropriately tough and always fun."
Mark F
East Northport, NY
"As a person with a physical disability, I trusted Melissa would be perfect for me because of her background and experience. Since working with Melissa not only has my physical health improved but my mental health as well. She has changed my life. I would recommend her to anyone regardless of your ability. She is caring and accommodating. I don't know where I would be without her. "
John B
East Meadow, NY
"I have worked with other trainers, but none are as dedicated and prepared as Melissa. She constructs workouts that are personalized to your needs and goals. The best part about working with Melissa is that she truly cares about her clients."
Wayne G
Melville, NY
"Melissa is a consummate professional who was recommended by a renowned physical therapist and she is highly regarded in her field. She is calm and patient with exceptional knowledge working with physical limitations. As someone with Rheumatoid Arthritis, she is able to quickly adapt to and plan training according to my capabilities. I have seen a vast improvement in my strength and flexibility and in turn a significant reduction in pain. I can't recommend Melissa enough to anyone seeking personal training."
Huntington, NY
"I have worked with Melissa over the years in the gym setting as well as in her home gym space. Melissa is first and foremost super knowledgeable about the body. She knows how to build muscle in a safe and consistent way. She also understands how to promote weight loss within any of her programming. She has expertise in various training techniques across all populations and she constantly keeps up with current research and training certifications. Melissa is patient, kind and supportive. She listens and modifies exercises based on her clients needs in real time. She knows how to motivate and instill confidence which is fundamental when one is trying to work towards a healthy lifestyle in body and mind. Melissa understands nutrition and provides ideas on healthy and balanced meals and snacks. She is outgoing and a competent trainer who absolutely loves her career and is making a difference. She did so in my life. I would highly recommend Melissa for personal training."
Lori W
Northport, NY
"Most of my life I’ve been overweight. When I decided to lose weight and get healthy I knew I needed a trainer who was extremely patient, could teach me how to do exercises correctly, would push me past my comfort zone, and was not only knowledgeable of fitness but nutrition as well. Melissa fit the bill perfectly. Once I started the sessions I actually looked forward to them. Melissa makes the sessions interesting and fun. She makes sure I do every move correctly and would explain what muscle group(s) I am targeting. Melissa is always reliable and punctual, never missing a session. She is a true professional. I also appreciate that with every milestone I made Melissa celebrated with me. She is a fantastic trainer who provides personalized sessions geared to my individual needs."
Dawn K
Smithtown, NY
"When training with Melissa I always feel comfortable and motivated. She is so clearly invested in my health. She customized a plan to meet my needs and she guides me every step of the way by helping me perfect my form to maximize results. She also tracks my progress and I've seen undeniable results. Highly recommended trainer!"
Ralph S
Smithtown, NY
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